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This home page is a true nonprofit web site for amateur radio and maritime safety by a radio amateur. Therefore, if you are a radio amateur and don't use commercially, all contents registered on this page are free of charge for you.

And the contents on this page for maritime safety were based on the International Code of Signals publication No. 240 revised by the 73rd Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization on November 2000. I hope that this page is used as a last resource of communication when the ship is in danger with regard to vessel safety and human's life. Also, these contents are expressed as reference to a instance of general communications among the ships.

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 International Code of Signals

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 Air Visual Signals for Use in Emergency
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 Code Words for Radio Telegraph   
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 Online Calculators for Radio Telecommunications

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6 June 2004

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 World Maps for Amateur Radio

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 Electric Power for Home Use around the World

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Kenwood 2m All Mode Transceiver TR-751 (Not TR-751A) Manual


Original or a Copy

Spectronics Digital Display DD-1 Manual


Original or a Copy

Kenwood 20MHz Oscilloscope CS-1021 Manual


Original or a Copy

Jungjin 100KHz~110MHz Digital FM/AM Signal Generator JSG-1070A Manual


Original or a Copy

Leader Audio Signal Generator LAG-57S Manual


Original or a Copy

Leader 1GHz Digital Frequency Counter LDC-825 Manual


Original or a Copy

Hewlett Packard 100MHz Digital RMS Voltmeter HP 3403C Manual


Original or a Copy


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